Business Aviation Recovery Stokes Renewed Interest at Riviera Airport

As travellers increasingly seek out destinations with minimal restrictions and quarantine requirements, smaller and more exclusive airports are reporting an increase in requests whilst Business Aviation operators are serving more first-time users. Current passenger and crew sensitivities include airport crowds, airport touchpoints and pre-boarding nasal swab testing. The collation and submission of mandatory pre-travel information at certain destinations is also a new heightened concern among travellers. For many, Business Aviation is now the safest and most viable option.

While Business Aviation has been severely impacted, it appears the situation in traditionally strong Business Aviation markets is now less grim. The renewed interest in private flights continues to change fortunes, particularly for those in smaller or more secluded regional communities that depend on Business Aviation activities.

HADID is pleased to champion Riviera Airport (LIMG/ ALL), a Business Aviation focused airport located in Albenga, Italy, which is enjoying renewed interest from passengers and operators. Given its strategic location in close proximity, with strong connectivity to popular destinations on the Franco-Italian Riviera, Riviera Airport stands out as a superior alternative to larger, less exclusive, regional airports. A combination of COVID-19 concerns and French ATC striking have directed new enquiries about the airport. Another factor leading to its recent success has been a series of major upgrades and developments coming online as the airport modernises its infrastructure, navigational aids and facilities.

Established in 1922, Riviera Airport has a long and rich history. The airport has undergone several name changes from Clemente Panero International Airport (named after the famous fighter pilot) to Albenga Airport, to Riviera Airport in more recent years. In that time, it has evolved from a small airfield with a short grass runway to a carefully considered modern Business Aviation facility, Italy’s first fully privatised airport and the chosen home to the country’s only aircraft manufacturer, Piaggio Aerospace.

Working closely with Riviera Airport, HADID operates and manages the Riviera Executive Aviation (REA) private terminal, commonly referred to as an FBO. Offering tailored services to both business and leisure travellers as well as operators and crews, REA is the result of combined determination by HADID and Riviera Airport to provide a seamless, high quality experience to anyone who departs or arrives at this exclusive airport.



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