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Our highly experienced Navigational Support Services department works in close collaboration with worldwide Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) to ensure speedy, efficient settlement of navigation fees generated by the relevant authorities.



When arranging operations with HADID, you will benefit from our ability to deliver a reliable charges settlement process for overflight navigation fees wherever you are operating. Our service reviews CAA invoices to make sure their fees are accurate as per the details of your flight. We correct any inconsistencies and deliver accurate exchange rates for payments in the appropriate currencies to help our clients save on time and costs.


We recommend the use of Navigational Support as a supplementary service for a complete, integrated flight support program. Our International Flight Planning and Permits departments work closely with Navigational Support to facilitate your trip, from origin to final destination. Further, combined with the comprehensive range of HADID Ground Support, operators need only focus on their mission objectives.


It is imperative for operators to settle their navigation fees as failure to do so will result in a subsequent ban on overflights in the concerned airspace until the payment has been settled.


  • We Provide Credits
  • 24 Hr Service
  • Multilingual
  • No inconvenience – dealing with foreign CAAs

Find out more: nav@hadid.aero

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