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We use in-house systems and software to provide International Flight Planning (IFP) with multiple layers of optimisation saving time, fuel and money for our clients. HADID is certified, quality assured, and at your disposal 24/7 to ensure you enjoy a seamless journey from origin to final destination.

Our in-house dispatchers customise flight plans tailored to your needs by combining different flight planning systems to calculate and deliver optimised routes and flight plans. HADID provides flight plans based on innumerable parameters including flight destinations, aircraft performance, weather conditions amongst other parameters to ensure fuel efficiency and accurate flight information, whilst also ensuring maximal safety and security.


Our flight planning services include:

Standard Services

  • Flight Crew Briefings
  • EROPS/LROPS Planning
  • ATC Filings
  • Test Plans
  • Route Planning
  • Escape Routes Planning
  • Airport Operational Study
  • Runway Analysis
  • Flight Watch

Special Area of Operation

  • High Latitude Operations

Find out more: ifp@hadid.aero

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