Preparing for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris with HADID

Traffic at all Parisian airports (LFPG, LFPO, LFPB, and LFOB) will be interrupted during the Opening Ceremony from 1530 UTC to 2200 UTC on July 26. The French CAA will close Parisian airspace from 7 p.m. to midnight for safety reasons.

To help you save time researching procedures and the best airports for your flight operation, we have compiled essential advice and airport details for setting up flights to France this summer.


General Overview

Air traffic congestion is expected to peak the day before and the day after the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The specific coordination processes at French airports will last from July 12 to September 16.


Visa and Entry Requirements


Safety at the Olympics and Paralympics


No-Fly Zone During the Opening Ceremony

For safety reasons, Parisian airspace within a 150km radius around Paris will be closed by the French CAA between 1900 and midnight local time on July 26. This will affect all major Paris airports, including Paris Charles de Gaulle (LFPG), Paris Orly (LFPO), Paris Le Bourget (LFPB), and Beauvais (LFOB). Only emergency flights will be exempted.


Slots and Parking

  • Mandatory airport slots will be in effect for all Paris area airport movements.
  • Book slots, parking, and ground support services as soon as your schedule is known. Slots are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis with limited parking options.
  • Once confirmed, avoid changing your schedule to prevent losing your slot and parking allotment.


Alternate Airports

  • Plan for alternate airports outside Paris in case repositioning becomes necessary, depending on customs availability.
  • Smaller airports may not have English-speaking ATCs available over the weekends.


Operational Requirements at Paris Airports


1. Paris Le Bourget (LFPB)

  • H24 for landings, take-off prohibited between 2215z and 0600z.
  • Slot windows: 20 minutes during orange periods (July 24-28, August 3-5, August 10-12) and 1 hour during green periods (July 12-September 16).
  • Enter slot ID numbers in box 18 of the flight plan. State that the flight is related to the Olympics for priority.
  • Pre-clear crews and passengers before all flights. GENDECs form must be sent for any crew and flight.


2. Paris Charles de Gaulle (LFPG)

  • H24 with night restrictions: No departures between 2159z and 0300z, no arrivals between 2230z and 0330z.
  • Only accessible to business aircraft for Olympics-related flights or those connecting to/from an airline.


3. Paris Orly (LFPO)

  • H24 with night restrictions between 2315z and 0615z.
  • Business aircraft can only use the airport for Olympics-related flights or those connecting to/from an airline.


4. Beauvais (LFOB)

  • Operations hours from 0515z to 2145z with possible extension for scheduled flights only.


Alternate Airports for GA Traffic

  • Albert Airport (LFAQ): 2 hours from Paris city center, no high traffic expected, slots not required.
  • Pontoise (LFPT): 1.5 hours from Paris city center, no slots required.
  • Vatry (LFOK): 3 hours from Paris city center, no slots required.
  • Lille Airport (LFQQ): 2.5 hours from Paris, slots coordinated from July 12 to September 16, GA hours between 0400z and 1900z.


Overnight Alternate Airports

  • Marseille Provence (LFML): H24 with restrictions, coordinated from July 16 to August 11.
  • Bordeaux (LFBD): H24, coordination TBD by French CAA from July 23 to August 4.
  • Toulouse (LFBO), Lyon (LFLL), Chambley (LFJY): Good alternatives for overnight repositioning within France.


Auxiliary Services

When planning for the Olympics, reviewing your itinerary thoroughly before booking hotels, security, ground transportation, and catering is crucial, as these services may be nonrefundable during the event. Additionally, consider helicopter transportation as an alternative for time-sensitive cases to avoid the expected high traffic and road congestion.


Hotels and Security

All Paris hotel reservations are managed by the Paris IOC organising committee, leading to high prices and restrictive cancellation policies.

Security measures at Le Bourget (LFPB) have been enhanced significantly, including electrified fences, drone detection systems, and increased vehicle patrols to ensure safety during the Olympics.


Transportation and Catering

Professional ground transportation is recommended due to the anticipated high traffic and road congestion.

For in-flight catering, plan ahead to avoid delays. Ensure you provide detailed catering requirements, including any allergy restrictions and specific packaging needs.


Tips and What to Expect

  • Delays in obtaining slots and permits, ground handling, and all related services.
  • Limited supervision on the ramp and hotel availability.
  • Increased pricing for all services.
  • Communicate with your trip support provider and submit requests ASAP.
  • Submit a complete passenger list with the status of the main person on board.
  • Arrange visas prior to arrival and avoid ordering fuel or catering for short stops.
  • Ask for additional supervision where possible.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan that considers the big picture and the specifics of the events you will be attending.


Effortless Flights, Seamless Arrivals with HADID

As the world gathers for the Paris Olympics, we understand the importance of a smooth and hassle-free journey. At HADID, we are committed to ensuring your flights are effortless and your arrivals seamless. Our extensive network of reliable and carefully selected ground support partners in Paris and beyond allows us to provide up-to-date information and quick responses to any changes.

Let HADID take care of your aviation needs so you can experience the Paris Olympics with peace of mind and confidence. Contact us at for inquiries and assistance on your flight needs.

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