HADID Elevates Private Flights in Djibouti

We are thrilled to announce HADID's latest expansion, extending our exceptional flight support services to Djibouti's strategic and picturesque nation. This move underscores our dedication to enhancing our clients' flight experiences by providing top-tier service and support across the globe.


With Djibouti's prime location and the introduction of our dedicated services, we are set to redefine private aviation in one of the esteemed countries in the Horn of Africa.

Our Services in Djibouti


In the heart of the Horn of Africa, Djibouti emerges as an essential hub for private aviation, courtesy of its strategic position and the unique blend of cultural and natural beauty it offers.


Recognising this potential, HADID has tailored a suite of services in Djibouti to cater to the nuanced needs of private flight operators. Our offerings in Djibouti include:


  • Strategic Tech Stops: Leverage Djibouti's pivotal location for efficient tech stops. Our services ensure quick turnarounds, making it an ideal spot for refueling and maintenance checks.
  • Crew Rest Facilities: We've partnered with FBO facilities and HOTAC to provide premium resting areas for crew members during layovers, ensuring they are refreshed and ready for the next leg of their journey.
  • Competitive Fuel Prices: Benefit from our negotiated fuel prices that promise significant savings for operators, enhancing the cost-effectiveness of flying through Djibouti.
  • Personalised Support: A dedicated HADID supervisor in Djibouti ensures that every aspect of your flight, from ground handling to customs clearance, is smoothly managed. Our strong relationships with airport authorities further facilitate a hassle-free experience.




We are operational with personnel on-ground at Djibouti–Ambouli International Airport (IATA: JIB, ICAO: HDAM).



Djibouti City

Time zone

East Africa Time (EAT) - UTC+3

Operating Hours

24 Hours


N 11° 32' 50" / E 43° 09' 01"

Flight Rules


Distance from the City Centre

Approximately 5 km

Fire Category



Not Required



Jet Fuel




Djibouti, often celebrated as "Djibeauty," offers an unparalleled combination of strategic importance and breathtaking vistas. From its position as a gateway to the Gulf of Aden and beyond to its cultural and commercial crossroads role, Djibouti is a jewel in the East African landscape. Through our services, we aim to unlock Djibouti's full potential for our clients.


Choose HADID for Unparalleled Support in Djibouti and Beyond!


As HADID continues to expand its footprint, enhancing the global aviation landscape one destination at a time, our mission remains clear: to provide an unmatched journey for our clients characterised by efficiency, comfort, and reliability.


Djibouti represents not just a new destination but a commitment to our clients' needs, no matter where their journeys lead them in the skies.


For inquiries or access to our comprehensive range of flight support services in Djibouti, contact us 24/7 at ops@hadid.aero. Choose HADID for unparalleled flight support in Djibouti and beyond. We are here to elevate your private flight experience to new heights.

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