How Hadid turns obstacles into opportunities

In 2022, there are more pressures on aviation than ever before. Sanctions, pandemic restrictions, the rising cost of aviation fuel, geo-political crises, severe weather, even the occasional volcanic eruption, can all disrupt airlines and flight plans. Some companies struggle to keep up with the pace of change. This is not the case with HADID, the Dubai-headquartered international trip support company with global offices, full service FBO facilities and a worldwide presence. HADID sees opportunities where other providers see obstacles.


Growth through change and adaptation

HADID has recently redesigned its corporate theme, choosing the iconic olive tree in part because of its highly adaptive nature. They have strong roots and many branches, and they endure. HADID’s blend of discreet, thoughtful, trip optimisation and competitive foresight, positions the company as one of the industry leaders in international trip planning. Although it has served VIPs for over forty years, HADID is about more than executive trip support. HADID also regularly serves humanitarian aid flights, defence operations, complex cargo requirements, repatriation flights, MEDEVAC missions and more.


Regulations and flight restrictions

Apart from a resolute anti-war stance, HADID extricates itself entirely from geo-political discourse, but provides operators with a resource to navigate complex regulatory environments and to find the best solutions. Recent sanctions against Russia have presented significant challenges for operators. With the complete closure of Ukrainian, Moldovan and portions of Russian and Belarusian airspace, overflight operations in Europe have become complex, especially where aircraft are transiting between Western Europe and the Middle East and Asia.


HADID is helping operators optimize routes, assess risks, obtain flight permits and settle navigation fees with CAAs. The company is supporting evacuation flights and humanitarian operations. Meanwhile, HADID’s diversification means it is not difficult to ensure compliance with regulatory constraints while catering to its clients’ travel needs.


Covid-19 created a slew of new legislation which can restrict flight schedules, limit the number of passengers on flights and further affect travel itineraries. Fortunately, HADID has its own in-house flight planning expertise, Operations Control Centres (OCC) and a bespoke flight management and customer relationship IT system called COMPASS. These enable HADID to be responsive at short notice, rerouting flights and scheduling new flights so passengers enjoy continuity of hospitality. This extends to ongoing travel in many cases by helicopter, room and restaurant bookings, and any other services VIPs might request. HADID provides a meet and greet concierge service, where discretion and privacy are paramount.


Aviation authority liaison

Different national aviation authorities have their own restrictions, regulations and fees. As global circumstances change so do local requirements for operators. HADID has experts who keep on top of regulatory changes, ensuring that private jet owners, pilots and crew are not unnecessarily disadvantaged.


Alongside its 24/7 OCC, the company operates a network of suppliers, partners and supervisors on the ground worldwide. It also has regional offices in locations including China, India, Italy, France, Niger, Pakistan, the UK, and the USA. Our regional presence ensures that local legislation, NOTAMS and Travel Advisories are well understood and followed to the letter.


Price and service flexibility

As fuel prices rise, HADID can secure competitive fuel rates at short notice from reliable suppliers. VAT exemptions can be applied through HADID. Navigation fee payments are made in advance and operators are also offered a line of credit for aviation fuel so that their journeys are expedited. Eritrea is an example of a territory where the local aviation authority imposes a deposit payment to secure navigation fees for any overflying operators. The HADID Navigation Fees Support service can cover the deposit on behalf of operators. Fees are calculated accurately and secured on time, allowing operators to avoid any outstanding payments and associated penalties. Across all services, delivering value is the objective, for passengers, crews and operators alike.


HADID also operates and manages full-service FBOs. These executive spaces resemble five-star facilities, a far cry from the slow and prosaic airport lounges generally provided. For example, the HADID Mehran Lounge at Jinnah International Airport in Pakistan is carefully curated, tastefully decorated and provides a choice of goods and services executive clients expect. This is core to HADID’s brand, providing privacy, comfort and ease, with seamless services.


In Italy, HADID prepares for the summer months at their Riviera Airport FBO, situated just 20 minutes by helicopter from Monaco. From the moment a customer’s jet lands, to the moment it takes off, HADID handles everything. Improvements have continued at the airport. With highly anticipated events such as the Monaco F1 and Cannes Film Festival through the summer, HADID caters to the increasing desire for a seamless and hassle-free route into Monaco, amongst other destinations along the Riviera. Perfect for those who wish to avoid the cacophonous malls, queues and traffic of major airports.



During the pandemic HADID continued to serve its clients wherever flights were still permitted. It undertook rigorous hygiene standardization, providing safe, clean and air-conditioned facilities for travellers to rest. As things ease off, HADID continues to adopt a cautious but non-intrusive approach to health and hygiene, striking a careful balance between safety and comfort. Earlier this year the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) became a HADID partner. The agreement enables HADID to connect its clientele to one of the world’s most renowned private healthcare nations.


Defence and humanitarian aid

HADID has a long history of servicing strategic defence and humanitarian missions. These require a different approach to flight planning, security and risk assessment than commercial flights. However, these flights also need staff to be flexible and capable of relaying urgent updates to flight crews with urgency and efficiency. These missions may involve handling risky cargo or injured personnel with ease and professionalism. During the height of the pandemic, HADID’s personnel arranged hundreds of cargo flights to transport vaccines where they were most needed. HADID has arranged military and civilian repatriation flights, humanitarian and political missions and will continue to offer these services alongside its commercial and private charter flights.


Protecting your privacy

HADID’s staff are nothing if not multi-skilled. From MEDEVAC missions to preserving the privacy of VIPs, discretion and tact are assured. For this to work, staff are vetted and fully trained in the requests clients might make. Concierge staff need to be able to arrange chauffeured limousines or recommend excellent hotels and restaurants at short notice.



SustainTechnologies for hybrid aircraft are in development that will help mitigate the cost of fuel. Before they arrive, using electricity to power as many features and services as possible is a helpful compromise. HADID is watching this space closely to invest in the sustainable future of the aviation industry wherever opportunities arise. In the meantime, carbon-offsetting will become an increasingly important part of business aviation’s commitment to sustainability.

Whatever the future of aviation holds, despite its current volatility and the accelerated pace of change, HADID remains a brand synonymous with adaptability, quality and reliability.


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