First Class Services Available for Aircraft Operators in the Riviera

HADID Riviera offers a range of executive services and facilities to meet the needs of aircraft operators from across the world.

For almost a century, Villanova d’Albenga, Italy has been welcoming aircrafts as they begin and end their journeys to and from Europe. From humble beginnings as a simple grass runway, there now stands a luxury state-of-the-art facility: HADID Riviera, located at Riviera Airport.

HADID Riviera is delighted to welcome aircraft operators back to their dedicated space. Proudly offering a huge range of executive services designed to meet the needs of aircraft operators who are seeking an efficient, reliable experience for their passengers. This facility is the ideal choice for aircraft operators in the region.

The facility at the Riviera Airport has been custom-made in order to offer the right solutions for aircraft operators. HADID Riviera will endeavour to offer all of the solutions required by those who choose their services.

Which services and facilities are available for operators who choose HADID Riviera?

When pilots land their aircraft at Riviera Airport, rest assured that it will be carefully looked after from the moment that it lands. All of the ground handling is delivered by the skilled HADID Riviera team and it is offered on-demand so that clients can receive exactly the type of aircraft servicing that they require.

The airport has welcomed a wide range of jets and as a result, there is extensive equipment available to support any type of plane. HADID Riviera’s professional teams operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Riviera Airport’s convenient location, tucked between the French-Italian Riviera and Monaco, is ideal for technical stops and the HADID Riviera team is pleased to offer fuelling at competitive rates. The fuelling service delivered on the ground is synonymous with efficiency and peace of mind, provided by fully trained, handpicked professionals.

While planes are being refuelled, the crew members can enjoy the rest facilities dedicated for them at the Executive Terminal and Lounge. The words ‘Airport Lounge’ may not usually conjure images of luxury and rest. Fortunately, this is certainly not the case at HADID Riviera. The Executive Terminal and Lounge features large windows which welcome natural light. Contemporary European art hangs on the walls, and a vast library dominates one corner. This is a home away from home, which is packed with high-class amenities, delicious cuisine and beverages, and the finest furnishings.

Added benefits for crew members

Those crew members who are considering staying in Monaco, France or Italy for an extended period can enjoy extra flexibility at HADID Riviera. The team at HADID Riviera is proud to offer secure long-term aircraft parking and hangarage. Aircraft are kept safe from the elements, ready to fly again in perfect condition when crew members, along with their passengers, are ready to depart.

Should clients require any assistance with further arrangements whilst at Riviera Airport, HADID Riviera’s services are second-to-none. From hotels and accommodation (HOTAC) bookings, transportation arrangements to catering, the professional and thoughtful staff are on hand to assist.

The team at Riviera Airport are also available to take care of logistics. Whether it is outstanding charter services, flight permits, or Fast-Track transfers, crew members can work together with a team of vetted industry aviation professionals at HADID Riviera, to ensure that the logistics are in order. HADID Riviera prides itself on this service and has guaranteed that all team members are equipped with the knowledge that they require in order to provide the right information.

With years of experience and expertise, HADID Riviera recognises that preparation is key. It is for this reason that they offer a pre-arrangement service so that pilots and crew members can confirm their requirements in advance. The team will leave nothing to chance and we are confident that aircraft operators will be satisfied with their choice to use HADID Riviera.

HADID Riviera awaits

When aircraft operators choose HADID Riviera, they are subscribing to much more than just a standard aviation experience. Every element of the facility has been carefully designed with luxury in mind. HADID Riviera is the ideal landing spot for aircraft operators who would like to show their passengers the very best that this industry has to offer. There will absolutely be something to please everyone at this very special facility.

Riviera Airport is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, a small slice of perfect luxury situated between the mountains and the sea. The team at HADID Riviera is ready to welcome aircraft operators – and to meet all of their needs.

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