Explore the Apennines and Alps from HADID Riviera Airport

“Getting away from it all” by escaping into nature is an activity that has become increasingly prevalent in international leisure travel. In recent years, visitors who enjoy luxurious standards when travelling are spending less time in crowded, bustling cities in favour of picturesque, intimate villages and natural beauty spots off the beaten track.

A new industry of guided hiking tours, “glamping” and trekking has sprung up to combine comfort with authenticity. Forbes Magazine wrote that glamping (glamorous camping) was one of the hottest new travel trends in 2020. No longer is it necessary to rough it under canvas to enjoy waking up in a beautiful location within the great outdoors. Some tour operators are even offering luxury accommodation with Bedouin-style tents which have all the facilities you’d expect from a great hotel, including bathtubs, heating, and designer interiors.

Boutique hotels are often available in even the smallest villages, offering luxury accommodation in hidden away oases which avoid the throngs of major cities. Ask HADID Riviera concierge staff for information regarding quiet Alpine auberges from which you might explore hiking trails or charter private trekking tours.

HADID Riviera – Gateway to Liguria

At HADID Riviera, we are exceptionally fortunate to be located within the attractive Italian village of Villanova d'Albenga. Situated in the province of Savona on the Centa river. The town is medieval in origin, dating back to around 1200. A medieval well still stands in the city centre and there are two churches in the village which date back to that era: the round Santa Maria del Soccorso and the Santo Stefano di Cavatorio.

Between October and March, the violets grown here are picked and used by local confectioners in Savona and Genoa. Visitors can pick up samples of various specialist jams, preserves and candied violets. At the nearby “racecourse of flowers” races are held and horses can be hired for local trekking within the national parks adjacent to the village.

Three National Parks

From Villanova d'Albenga, visitors are within easy reach of no less than three national parks.

The Beigua Natural Regional Park is the largest reserve in the region and is named after the area’s highest mountain, Mount Beigua (4222 feet). It is included within the larger Beigua Geopark, which is part of a protected European network of wilderness areas.

The geopark covers more than 96,000 acres of the Ligurian Apennines and contains over 310 miles of trails. Wild boar, roe and fallow deer may be spotted here, as well as rare alpine and northern crested newts. Serpentinite, a dark green mineral used in architecture and handcrafts, named after its resemblance to snakeskin, was once quarried here.

A little way inland, and over the border into France, lies the National Park of the Maritime Alps, a partnership between France and Italy to preserve the beautiful Piedmont region. The Park can easily be reached via the SS20/D6204 road from Ventimiglia. Less than three-hour drive from Villanova d’Albenga, hikers can be deep in the heart of beautiful alpine scenery with pristine lakes, towering snowcapped peaks and numerous hiking trails.

Contained within the park are the Centro Uomini e Lupi, which celebrates the coexistence of people and wolves. This is an instructive visitor centre, set in the picturesque village of Entracque in Cuneo, which can be reached in under two hours from Villanova.

A little further west into the French Alps lies the Mercantour National Park. Within this park is an uninhabited region comprising over 420 square miles of uninhabited alpine meadows, mountains, and lakes, with a peripheral zone of 28 villages. The Park forms part of the Argentera massif, a rocky range of mountains that reach over 10,000ft.

The Mercantour is an exquisite region to visit, particularly the Valley of Marvels, which contains more than 37,000 petroglyphs that date back to the bronze age. If viniculture is of more interest, the Piedmont Region contains 18 DOCG-rated vineyards including Barolo and Gavi, many of which have fine dining restaurants and offer vineyard tours and tastings. The region has UNESCO world heritage site protection for its historic importance in winemaking.


Privacy as a Luxury

For the wealthy and famous, particularly celebrities, the importance of taking a break from the paparazzi, journalists and cameras is paramount. HADID Riviera’s unique location allows our private jet owning clientele, and charter flight users, to access the French and Italian Riviera in privacy and comfort.

We provide excellent aviation services from the moment our guests land to onward transportation to your final location. We can also arrange tours, restaurant, and accommodation bookings, whether you are heading to a five-star hotel, a villa in Villanova d’Albenga or an Alpine auberge for a hiking excursion.

Onward transportation can be arranged via helicopter or chauffeured limousine. Simply let us know in advance what you require, and we will arrange it all for you. A concierge team will be on standby to assist with any aspect of your trip and our expert ground crew will arrange the refuelling and care of your aircraft.

Unlike city or public airports, HADID Riviera is quiet and convenient. We do not receive the volume of traffic that larger airports do, and we pride ourselves on ensuring our visitors’ privacy and comfort.

While COVID-19 measures are in place, HADID Riviera ensures that all spaces are fully sanitised and that social distancing and other protective measures are maintained by all our staff.

We have a dedicated crew rest facility, so your pilots and cabin crew are refreshed in time for onward travel. Our luxury lounge has facilities for group or individual meetings and provides a comfortable space in which to wait while we put the finishing touches to your charter plan or booking arrangements.

We look forward to welcoming you to the French-Italian Riviera and would encourage you to take a closer look at our services, via our website.

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