Plan Your Dubai Expo 2020 Adventure with Hadid

As most of the first world eases out of lockdown and various nation’s vaccination regimes begin to make it feasible for governments to permit large-scale civil aviation once more, travellers are keeping a watchful eye on what their countries are permitting, as well as what receiving nations allow.

The countdown is on for Dubai Expo 2020. This year's edition will run from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022  . It promises 182 days of innovation, culture, creativity, tech, music, and cuisine worldwide. This is an unmissable mega-event. Hadid International Services are happy to provide hassle-free travel arrangements to Dubai.

Read on to learn about how we can give you a great and seamless Dubai Expo 2020 experience.

What To Expect From The Dubai Expo  2020

Known as the World's Greatest Show, the Dubai Expo brings together more than 190 countries. These countries will present cutting edge technology, unforgettable flavours and diverse cultures. And the theme shall be "Connecting Minds and Creating the Future."

The Expo will spread across 1,083 acres all across Dubai. Participants expect signature Dubai Expo pavilions and one pavilion for every country represented. Everything from food

This global event also encourages business networks and investment opportunities across all industries. There will be over 60 daily shows to enjoy, from operas to pop-up theatres and parades. Also available are over 200 restaurants and endless shopping options to create a memorable experience.

Hadid International Services for Dubai Expo 2020

The Hadid International Services headquarter is in Dubai but with business interests worldwide. We provide aviation services that take ease international travel for all our clients.

Our aviation experts operate from the Dubai International Airport (DXB) and the Dubai Al Maktoum Airport, also known as Dubai World Central (DWC). Here are our essential services to ease your Dubai Expo 2020 trip;

For Air Charter, we offer the following:

  • VIP charter
  • Royal charter
  • Business and corporate charter services
  • Commercial passenger charter options for large groups of travellers.

Additionally, we provide cargo and helicopter charter services depending on your needs. Our air charter clients include:

  • Business executives
  • Diplomats
  • Dignitaries, and
  • Corporate and sports teams.

Whatever your needs may be, get in touch with us for outstanding charter services to the Dubai Expo 2020.

Below is an overview of our other services that ensures a seamless Dubai Expo 2020 trip:

Flight Planning

Our certified International Flight Planning (IFP) system is fully optimised to save time, fuel and money on every journey. We factor in the destinations of choice, aircraft types, weather conditions, and numerous other parameters to ensure your safety and security when you travel with us. We can organise all your aviation needs for Dubai Expo 2020, from your arrival in Dubai to local and regional flights and your return at the end of this event.

Navigation Support

Hadid International Services works with global Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) to handle all navigation fees generated by each authority. This means that our Navigational Support Services are on the lookout for accurate fees and invoices for every flight, no matter the destination or currency required. Trust our highly experienced navigation support team to ensure that your flight records are clear and you can travel across all airspaces without risk of surcharges or bans.

Flight Permits

At Hadid International Services, we understand all the various aviation permits required by multiple destinations. We are up to date and fully compliant with all the aviation regulations, even as they constantly change to ensure the safe passage of all travellers. We can obtain all types of permits for flight and landing for virtually every route. Hadid International Services will secure your flight permits quickly and efficiently for Dubai Expo 2020, including take-off and landing permits, schedule permits, overflight permits, and special clearances where necessary.

Ground Support

Hadid International Services offers certified ground handling services, including fuelling and concierge, at competitive rates. Our aviation fuel service professionals provide the best fuelling quotations with VAT exceptions and reclamation options for your journey with us. Our multilingual concierge professionals ensure that all our clients receive the best experience from arrival onwards.

Our concierge services include:

Meet and Assist
We can assign a dedicated agent to meet you at the airport of your choice in Dubai, who will guide you through arrival checks, luggage collections, customs, visas and transport to your hotel. In case of cancellations or other inconveniences, our agent will communicate with the relevant authorities to ensure a seamless experience when you arrive in Dubai.

Tours and Bookings
Your arrival in Dubai is only the first step, and Hadid International Services will guide you through the rest of your stay. We can arrange exclusive fine dining and luxury spa treatments, as well as guided tours to any location of your choice. We can also organise your tickets for Dubai Expo 2020, whether you would like season passes for the entire 6-month event or single-day passes for any particular shows that pique your interest.

Visa Services
Our concierge team can assist you to get the right visas from your country of origin and on arrival in Dubai for passengers and aviation crew alike. Let us handle the paperwork and regulations for your visa needs for Dubai Expo 2020.

Travel Insurance
Hadid International Services gathers the best travel insurance quotes to meet your needs, sourced from the leading and most trusted insurance providers in Dubai and worldwide. For your 6-month Dubai Expo 2020 visit, let us give you the best picks for travel insurance for your stay.

Transport Services
Whether you need to rent a car in Dubai, hire a chauffeured limousine, or view this spectacular city from the sky using a helicopter, we got you covered for Dubai Expo 2020.

Flight Ticketing
Our concierge team can organise the ideal airline tickets at competitive prices if you need flights with minimal stopovers. We can offer fast quotations that meet your budgets and other flight requirements anywhere in the world. This is an excellent opportunity to consider travelling from the Dubai Expo 2020 to other wonderful destinations worldwide.

Choose Hadid International Services as Your Dubai Expo 2020 Partner

Get in touch with us for bespoke aviation services for Dubai Expo 2020, from securing show tickets to private flights, booking accommodations to guided tours of our spectacular Dubai. Wherever you are in the world, Hadid International Services is ready to provide an unforgettable Dubai Expo 2020 experience.

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