HADID Riviera: the newly upgraded Executive Aviation Terminal at burgeoning Riviera Airport

HADID, a global leader in aviation support and executive aviation terminal (also known as FBO) services, announces its newly upgraded facilities at the Riviera Airport in Albenga, Italy. HADID, known for providing its clients with seamless travel experiences from origin to final destination, offers a suite of aviation services as well as luxuriously furnished executive lounge facilities through its Italian subsidiary.

HADID remains to be an eminent authority in aviation services with a 40-year track record. As one of the most exclusive executive lounges within the HADID portfolio, HADID Riviera caters to its distinctive clientele, with exceptional customer service provided by a team of well-trained, dedicated staff members.

In these challenging times when safe travel is a top priority, executive clients worldwide are looking for viable alternatives to airports with large agglomerations of travelling crowds. One of the advantages highlighted by the clients about travelling via Riviera Airport has been the smoother disembarking and boarding process. After a long trip, the upmarket, comfortable furniture and amenities present at the executive terminal make it easy for the business or leisure traveller alike to immediately feel at ease in the relaxed atmosphere that it provides.

Another interesting fact about this terminal is its location. Riviera Airport is conveniently situated within Villanova d’Albenga. The area is cradled between beautiful mountains on one side and the sea at the other side. It is perfect for passengers seeking excellent connectivity, especially during the pandemic, to cities like Monaco, the Italian and French Rivieras, Monte-Carlo, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, and Genoa. They also select HADID Riviera for its hassle-free service that can be tailored to their individual needs. Some of the services offered to travellers from all over the world are Fast-Track transfers, on-site customs and immigration clearing and professional ground services with short turnaround times.

The HADID Riviera facility has been upgraded with passenger and crew lounges and is fully equipped and upgraded with conveniences, such as F&B options, meeting room and computers in a safe and secure atmosphere. Clients making use of the executive lounge will also find it reminiscent of an art gallery. The inspiring space at HADID Riviera features extraordinary masterworks of Italian contemporary art and a bespoke art library.

Attention has also been paid to the requirements of private plane owners and operators. Certified and vetted staff, utilising high-tech industry standard flight systems, deliver all the aviation services, accessible in one place. The aviation and executive lounge services include flight permits, flight planning, ground handling, fuelling, concierge, air charter, including medical evacuations and arrangements for VIP helicopter and limo services.

The exclusive HADID Riviera is setting itself apart from traditional executive aviation terminals by combining top-notch aviation services with unique experiential spaces in a luxurious setting. Clients will be pleased to know that all these renovations at the terminal have not disengaged the executive terminal with the travelling challenges that they face each time they need to make travel arrangements. Both HADID and Riviera Airport have shown full commitment to the safety and well-being of their employees, clients and business partners during these perilous times.

With the constantly changing travel restrictions and requirements, crew, passengers and operators find it difficult to stay abreast of the latest developments of the various destinations that they may be travelling to. HADID Riviera has dedicated staff available to provide up-to-date travel information the clients may require to make their travel experience as pleasant as possible.

This latest announcement of major upgrades at Riviera Airport supports HADID’s commitment to investing in the development and modernisation of its network of aviation support services and its executive aviation terminal facilities all around the world.

With such a solid backbone, reinforced with the improved infrastructure, facilities, amenities and devoted staff, HADID is well equipped to serve its diverse group of clients as a superior and exclusive alternative to any regional FBO.

To learn more about the exclusive services of HADID Riviera, please visit us at www.riviera.hadid.aero

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