Why Obtaining a Flight Permit Can Be Challenging and How HADID Can Help

Acquiring flight permits can be a complex process. Fortunately, our four decades of exceptional aviation experience gives us a comprehensive understanding of international permit requirements. The global network we have built over the years equips us to offer assistance in securing the necessary flight permits and to understand the many challenges that may come along the way.



The complexity of securing permits varies depending on numerous factors such as documentation and lead time requirements.  Below are some of the top challenges in getting a flight permit and the current solutions HADID offers to streamline the process.


1. Regulations and Sudden Changes Can Make It Difficult to Get Flight Permits



The ever-changing rules and regulations for Civil Aviation in different countries and regions, paired with the difficulty of staying up-to-date on all these different rules, can make it problematic to obtain the flight permit needed. Additionally, a number of factors can contribute to the changing rules and conditions, whether these changes be due to political conditions, financial conditions, or other related developments.


HADID has developed a Knowledge Management project that ensures our flight permit team stays on top of any new developments as well as the current rules in various countries that the clients may encounter.


2. Existing Financial Issues May Get in the Way



Some aircraft operators may have old debts or pending financial disputes with Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs), which ban them from using the airspace of these countries. Unfortunately, solving such issues can often be an extensive process that involves a wide variety of different departments before successfully clearing the operator’s name and securing a flight permit. Put simply, operators have to go through a time consuming processes in order to get an approval from the CAAs.


In order to streamline this process and save time, HADID’s navigation team have set up advanced systems and taken the time to establish connections with the financial department at CAAs to remedy these financial issues quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the HADID Navigation Support service exists to ensure fees are always paid and invoiced correctly with fair exchange rates in the appropriate currency. HADID Navigation Support teams understand CAA billing cycles and how Navigation fees are calculated across different FIRs and the team can also recommend adjustments to improve flight plan optimisation to avoid unnecessary fees or penalties.


If you’re concerned about existing or pending financial issues preventing you from getting your flight permit, HADID can offer you the support you need to navigate such problems.


3. The Approval Process Can Be Lengthy and Convoluted



Receiving a permit is not always as speedy of a process as some anticipate. In fact, the permit approval process at some CAAs can take as long as seven days (or much longer in some cases) to complete, whilst other CAAs may be able to move through the process in a matter of hours. This stark time difference plays a major role in how fast an operator is able to acquire the flight permit and is generally the result of differing procedures and delays taking place within these individual CAAs.


With that in mind, HADID has developed a standard procedure for getting in contact with the right individuals needed to speed up the approval process and shorten the time that it takes to deliver the flight permits, whether these be basic permits or special flight permits.


4. Applying for the Right Permit



Understanding the type of flight permit required is crucial to the application process. However, many aviation professionals may undergo the application process without assessing the requirements and the notice imposed by CAAs. This common mistake results to short-notice requests and last-minute changes that make it complicated for the CAAs to finalise the necessary permit.


HADID offers aviation professionals the support needed for short-notice situations. Because of the excellent relationship it holds with CAAs and the extensive knowledge in rules and regulations in regards to securing a flight permit and efficient flight planning, last-minute issues are solved with ease.


5. Being Secretive About Your Flight Information Can Be a Major Problem


Aircraft operators often conceal information about their flights (e.g. passenger details, the nature of cargo) in order to avoid complications on the permit application process. Unfortunately, this achieves the opposite effect as CAAs have the ability to learn about breaches, which can result in serious repercussions for operators. Privacy and discretion are, of course, important considerations and it is therefore vital to understand what is the critical information to share, at what time and with whom. HADID prides itself on the security of its network and the privacy of its diverse clientele. Whether the flight is a diplomatic mission, defence or humanitarian operation or a VIP trip, your information is protected.


At HADID, we share vital information to CAAs in accordance with international laws. Protecting and sharing the right information has contributed to HADID’s strong reputation over the years, as well as its excellent relationships with CAAs and clients alike.


6. Issues with Communication Methods Can Cause Unwanted Delays



While the process of applying for permits at various CAAs have evolved by leaps and bounds, issues still exist that can complicate the application process. Civil aviation infrastructure has developed remarkably in some countries, but still needs a lot of work in others. For example, operators are able to obtain permits and settle payments through online portals and smart applications in countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, China, Brazil, and other countries. However, some developing countries still use old communication methods such as facsimile and aeronautical fixed telecommunication networks (AFTN) and this may result to slower response rates from their respective CAAs.


HADID has made it a priority to help CAAs in these countries to improve their systems and change their internal procedures so that they can offer the same level of effective communication offered by some of the countries listed above. HADID’s support in introducing digital solutions which facilitate communication makes acquiring the proper flight permits far simpler.


7. Language Barriers Impact the Application Process



Obtaining a flight permit can be challenging when an operator faces a communication breakdown due to the language barrier, this is particularly common when dealing with CAA officials that do not speak English as their primary language.


Being a global flight support organisation, HADID has acquired 4 decades of experience necessary to help clients and CAA officials to communicate effectively. In fact, HADID’s operations team can speak a multitude of different languages (including some local dialects). This assists in avoiding this common issue when attempting to secure flight permits, and helps building and strengthening the relationships with these officials.


8. Time Zone Differences Can Extend the Application Process



Most CAAs do not operate 24/7 and time differences can extend the application process if requests are submitted after-hours. In order to circumvent this issue, HADID is mindful of each CAA’s duty hours so the team is able to submit permit applications and coordinate to follow up on the status of your application.


With HADID’s operations team available around the clock at the Dubai headquarters and other strategically placed regional offices located in multiple countries, time doesn’t become a challenge in obtaining a flight permit.


There are a number of complications that one may encounter when attempting to gain a guarantee of approval for flight permits. Fortunately, HADID has solutions for each one of these issues. Enlist the help of our team to ensure you successfully acquire your flight permit and avoid potential problems along the way! HADID operations centres are staffed 24/7. From Commercial to GA flights, to emergency and diplomatic missions, we can arrange flight permits worldwide, with significantly shorter average lead-times than the official/regulatory averages.




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