At HADID our objective is to unceasingly improve the services we deliver to ensure we achieve the highest possible level of client satisfaction. Of special importance to me is the long held reputation the company has earned as a highly professional, reliable and service focused organization – this is the HADID legacy.

Evolving with dynamic expansion and progress since 1981, we have seen many changes over the past 3 decades. The HADID brand, has become synonymous with our commitment to delivering exceptional services to our clients. Moreover, in an age of technological developments, we constantly embrace innovation in order to ensure we accurately and proactively respond to our customers’ requests improving their experience.

The HADID team is dedicated to undertake whatever is necessary to move the company forward in an enterprising, positive and determined fashion.  Our employees maintain the highest standards of honest and ethical conduct in all dealings with other employees, customers, HADID suppliers, and other third parties.

For the future we are focused on pursuing our steadfast business growth strategy under the strong flagship of our brand. We will continuously strive to maintain our position as the world’s most trusted and leading aviation services provider.

Brian Culver