Pioneering in flight support for over 30 years, HADID a comprehensive flight support provider based out of Dubai, has turned its focus to a higher level of support services, extra care for business aviation flights and expanding its global presence farther bringing the company’s global footprint to a total of 19 offices.

The need for fast advancement calls for technical competence and vision. HADID is well up for this challenge. Perpetuating the growing competition in the region, HADID strives to continuously modernize and adapt its vision to satisfy the needs of the aviation market, equally for the air operators and the suppliers.

With this in mind HADID has broadened the scenery of full support to operators by partnering with Satcom Direct® to jointly offer their flight planning, aircraft datalink, flight-following and international trip support services. As the datalink service is fully compatible with all avionics and airframe manufacturers it is a revolutionary benefit to the 24/7 team of professional and certified HADID dispatchers using high tech industry-standard flight systems to ensure the smoothest flight planning and tracking.

“With Satcom Direct® and HADID International Services being industry leaders in their respective fields, a partnership made absolute logic”, said HADID International Services CEO Mohammad Abu Libdeh.

This significant affiliation with Satcom Direct® ensures that HADID’s flexible FlightDeck Freedom® datalink packages meet burgeoning avionics requirements by providing a multitude of data options, mobile capability and an open vendor architecture.

Aircraft crew are able to see flight-critical data in real time all thanks to the datalink service. The FlightDeck Freedom® package is the only datalink service that integrates flight deck and cabin communications. HADID customers will now have the freedom to uplink their flight plans ensuring that pilots, passengers and VIPs experience reliable communication from nose to tail.

A business aviation necessity, the datalink service enables flight crews to access Digital ATIS, airport weather, enroute winds, graphical weather, flight plan uploads, pre-departure clearances, oceanic clearances and email messaging to/from the aircraft.

HADID continues to develop and enhance its products and services in response to its clients’ needs. Their recent major expansion and partnership allow the company to better serve and more efficiently handle its operations internationally.


HADID International Services, headquartered in Dubai, UAE provides a diverse range of flight support services such as Permits, Handling, Fueling, Charter, Flight Planning, and Concierge services worldwide.
HADID is the oldest company in the corporate flight planning industry in the MENA region delivering locally developed knowledge and expertise with global impact. Today its services are requested over 3000 times a day worldwide.