Pioneering in flight support for over 30 years, HADID a comprehensive flight support provider, has turned its focus to a higher level of support services, and extra care for business aviation flights inevitably leading to expanding its presence farther.

HADID is strengthening its business structure around the globe by opening new branches. The market dynamics and economic potential of these countries, as well as growing interest in HADID’s services in the mentioned regions are the main factors that stand behind the decisions. This brings the company’s global footprint to a total of 19 offices.

Strengthening the company’s presence in the USA from the office in Virginia provides an excellent foothold to expand into the markets of the Americas. HADID has already been supporting clients in those regions for many years and it only made perfect business sense to intensify presence to support operations there. This move facilitates serving HADID’s clients better with local staff and means of communication. Not to mention that this also raises the level of support to the international operators who will benefit from smoother, more personalized and refined concierge services on the ground.

HADID started opening offices by choosing places where it is difficult for operators to act, or where there is a need for local representation for example in the MENA region. Locating offices in the MENA region is a strategic move when considering the business aviation market is estimated to be worth more than US$500 million and is expected to grow by 15 % in 2014, according to Mr. Ali Al Naqbi, the founding chairman of the Middle East Business Aviation Association (MEBAA). The association expects the MENA market to be worth about $1.2 billion by 2018, and the number of registered aircraft in the region currently exceeds 500 and will see at least another 700 aircraft join the fleet by 2020. The partnership with WALLAN Aviation was the key behind the need to open flight support services in Saudi Arabia, both companies found that putting hands together will be a great opportunity for successful business, and for complete support to the international operators who are landing in or flying over Saudi. The company will also offer its international services to its Saudi operators who are flying worldwide either for business or for leisure using the complete flight planning system, and its prestigious concierge services.

HADID continues to grow in response to its clients’ needs. This aggressive expansion allowing the company to better serve and more efficiently handle its operations internationally.


HADID International Services, headquartered in Dubai, UAE provides a diverse range of flight support services such as Permits, Handling, Fueling, Charter, Flight Planning, and Concierge services worldwide.

HADID is the oldest company in the corporate flight planning industry in the MENA region delivering locally developed knowledge and expertise with global impact. Today its services are requested over 3000 times a day worldwide. It comes therefore, as no surprise that HADID’s new offices will not only better support existing clientele but also significantly bring in new business potential.