February 1, 2016 – DUBAI, UAE – HADID, a specialized flight support company, unveils its new corporate identity and brand. 

HADID, one of the leading global flight support and service brands, has announced its new brand mark – the HADID symbol.  This new identity and branding correlates with HADID’s focus on change in management, evolution in corporate structure and business development plans.

The new HADID brand emanates from the desire to inherit and capture the best of both earlier and new identities and legacies and consolidate them to create an even stronger one. The new HADID brand is synonymous and consistent with the positive and transformative change that flight support services have had on general aviation, and to which HADID has significantly contributed. For over three decades HADID has evolved from a domestic flight support company associated with steady and reliable services to that of a first choice global flight support provider associated with some of the most, renowned businesses and general aviation clients. With the exceptional knowledge HADID has developed of the industry, the company is now a dominant force in the market. In view of this, the logo had to reflect its accomplishments and therefore HADID gave its vital corporate identity a significant transformation.

HADID has taken on a new direction with the launch of their redesigned website www.hadid.aero. The new website is designed with a fresh look and user-friendly online navigation reflecting the latest information regarding HADID services.

“The new brand mark symbolizes HADID’s strength and expertise. HADID’s new identity indicates the innovative and forward-looking strategies of the company,” says Brian Culver, HADID Chief Executive Officer.



HADID, with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE, offers a comprehensive range of flight support services. The wide scope of services provided by HADID includes Flight Permits, Charter, Flight Planning, Navigation, Governmental Flight Support services and Ground support including Handling, Fueling and Concierge.

As the longest established company in the flight support industry in the Middle East and North African Region, HADID delivers exceptional knowledge and expertise, with a global impact.

HADID’s 24/7 team of qualified dispatchers deliver flight planning and flight tracking services utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Professional employees are the true key to HADID’s success. HADID’s vision means thinking outside of the box, focusing on details and adopting a flexible approach to clients requirements. HADID ensures client operations are responded to promptly and with the utmost efficiency.