One of the newest members to AsBAA (The Asian Business Aviation Association) the dynamically growing non-profit organisation representing business in Asia and the rest of the world is HADID.

AsBAA represents approximately 100 entities worldwide. Those represented include major operators, aircraft manufacturers, business aviation providers and major aviation service providers. Also included on their list are finance and insurance providers. The goal of the AsBAA is to improve the aviation world in the following areas: communication, regulations, safety, knowledge and the enhancement of business aviation access. However, these are not the only topics that the AsBAA addresses. They are also focused on training and public awareness.

The mission of AsBAA is to strive for a beneficial environment in order to encourage the growth of business aviation in Asia. These goals will be met by supplying the highest degree of safety and efficiency as well as by networking its entities both in and outside of Asia, advocating business aviation benefits to regulatory agencies and industry groups.

These objectives are met through seminars and the sharing of knowledge as well as through meetings and the use of their website.

AsBAA is committed to promoting the excellence and safety of its members so that in turn the members can offer excellence in operational efficiency and the best in class. Both HADID and AsBAA have a market potential that is strong and promising, HADID with their feet on the ground and AsBAA consolidating the business of Asia to create one voice.


HADID, which is located in Dubai, UAE, provides a diverse range of flight support services. Services provided by HADID are permits, handling, charter, fueling, and flight planning, and worldwide concierge service.

As the oldest company in the corporate flight industry in the MENA (the Middle East and North African region), HADID delivers locally developed knowledge and expertise, which has a global reach. Collectively AsBAA and HADID answer the problems of both governments and business individuals in expanding how business is being done today. Market globalization is rapidly increasing creating differences in how business is done, language barriers and the economy differences. With the AsBAA knowledge of the Asian markets, business goals and trends, they are able to train through various methods HADID’s supervisors on the ground for a full understanding on Asia and its challenges.

In turn, HADID already has an international market of business clients and are very much versed in business etiquettes and a variety of customs. The two can marry their information for a successful collaboration while increasing the Asian markets business incentives.

Pioneering in flight support for over 30 years, HADID’s focus has turned to a higher level of support services and extra care for business aviation flights. Today its services are requested over 3,000 times a day worldwide.

Having an international important network of local flight support through SA- supervisory agents covering each and every airport allows HADID to put their expertise to work by supplying exceptional delivery services with absolute reliability—on time every time.

HADID is a 24 hours and 7 days a week team of qualified and certified dispatchers using high technology industry standard flight systems to deliver safe flight tracking. Professional employees are the true key to HADID’s success. For them, vision means thinking outside of the box, attention to detail and understanding flexibility. HADID ensures your vision of tomorrow will be safe, reliable, easy and fast.