Effective November 4th, Mr. Brian Culver will be taking the position of CEO at HADID.

Mr. Culver is assuming this position with HADID as the company heads in a new direction with global expansions that will be built on the significant aviation experience he brings to the company

While undergoing dynamic organizational structural changes, the company has formed new branches and global subsidiaries. Mr. Culver will be managing the global scale company, bringing with him his focus on value, quality and experience.

In a statement by Mr. Culver, he demonstrated his outlook toward his new position. “I am thrilled to partner with HADID’s dedicated board, committed staff and much valued partners to increase our impact in service of our collective future.” Mr. Culver went on to state, “HADID provides the ideal leadership opportunity to marry my passion for exceptional service with my proven record of increased organizational performance and effective market impact. Working alongside our partners and our ground supervisors, we will achieve our objective of success and building towards a sustainable future.”

Mr. Culver comes to HADID with considerable aviation experience:

  • He has multiple experience of global disaster responses.
  • He has held previous aviation industry positions as head of security and ground operations both as a consultant and a corporation employee.
  • He was the general manager in Germany and France – overseeing the delivery of aviation support services to airports and airlines at major international airports.

These are just some examples of the strong and varied experience Mr. Culver brings to HADID.


HADID International Service, which is located in Dubai, UAE, offers a diverse range of flight support services- FSS. Services provided by HADID are permits, fueling, charter, handling, and flight planning, and worldwide concierge service.

As the oldest company in the CFI/corporate flight industry in the [MENA] (the Middle East and North African Region), HADID delivers locally residential knowledge and expertise, which has a global impact.

Pioneering in flight support for over thirty years, HADID’s focus has turned to a higher level of support services and further care for BAF/business aviation flights. Today its services are requested over three thousand times a day worldwide.

Having an international leading network of local flight support with supervisory agents covering all airports allows HADID to put their expertise to work by supplying exceptional delivery services with absolute reliability—on time every time.

HADIDs 24/7 team of qualified and certified dispatchers uses high-tech industry standard flight systems to secure the smoothest flight planning and tracking. Professional employees are the true key to HADID’s success. For us, vision means thinking outside of the box, having attention to detail and understanding flexibility. HADID ensures your vision of tomorrow will be safe, reliable, easy and fast.