Last week HADID established yet another new office, this time in the Central African Republic and finalized a partnership with ANAC as their exclusive agent providing worldwide operators with O/F and landing permits in the country.

The strategically located Central African Republic (CAR) offers an advantageous base in Africa for HADID’s African operations. Whether flying from North to South or East to West Africa, all operators will cross the Central African airspace, making the country`s sky very busy.

This recent development stems from a significant increase in service requests to the region as noted by the HADID African flight ops department. “In the past four months requests have in some cases tripled with regard to O/F and landing permits, handling services, refueling, hotels and airport transfers”, states Mr Chakib Boudjemaa, Business Development Manager for Africa & ME at HADID.

HADID is known for its expertise in flight support on the African Continent, providing its services in the territory for the past 35 years, and now, with the office opening in Bangui the capital of CAA, HADID is able to offer tailored flight support processes by professional supervisors. HADID is also the first non-local company in the industry to establish an office in the capital.

The country`s airport has one single handling agent/FBO and fuel supplier. Unreliable communication is one of the major issues that the operators and flight support companies face. By opening this office and using the latest technology, HADID will certainly enhance the communication facilities and therefore provide clients and operators with smoother and more efficient services. Additionally, the HADID supervisors on the ground know the area well and speak English, Arabic and the local languages which include French, the official language of the Central African Republic and Sangho, the national language. This will facilitate the communication with all crew and passengers travelling in and to the region.

“As part of our strategy to cover the entire continent, operators will change their way of thinking about Africa and its level of difficulty to land and receive a simple service when compared to other regions like Europe or Asia”, goes on to say Mr Chakib Boudjemaa.


HADID International Services, headquartered in Dubai, UAE provides a diverse range of flight support services such as Permits, Handling, Fueling, Charter, Flight Planning, and Concierge services worldwide.

HADID is the oldest company in the corporate flight planning industry in the MENA region delivering locally developed knowledge and expertise with global impact. Today its services are requested over 3000 times a day worldwide. It comes therefore, as no surprise that HADID’s new offices will not only better support existing clientele but also significantly bring in new business potential.